Chasing Chickens

This morning the kids were about an hour late for school.

The door had been left open on the hen yard, and our young ladies were milling about unsupervised.  Although, we do allow the chickens to free range and roam around safely under our watchful eyes.  We have unfortunately learned a life and death lesson that these girls are extremely vulnerable to area coyotes, foxes, and hawks when they are roaming about without any humans at home.

So, I did what every poultryphile would do, I ran around trying to herd them back to their hen house.  At this point, you can imagine Benny Hill chasing a scantily clad woman dressed as a French Maid, except it was me in a skirt swearing and trying to catch quick and wiley chickens.

Eventually, I was able to contain eleven out of a flock of twelve.  The last hen, Trifle, had observed her sisters being scooped up and put back in the pen and wanted none of this.  After attempting to catch her for a half hour, we decided if she could allude us she’d be safe from predators whilst I brought the children to school.

Ah, my life with animals.

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