Classy Cards

Brand spanking new “classy” Dog Days cards.

Lovely vintage photograph of women from the early 20th century with their best canine friends.

The backs of these cards promote responsible pet ownership with an Animal Activist message.

You can order a box set of these cards here.

Posh wasn’t the first pet that I took to obedience classes.  However, she is the first pet that I decided to keep training long after she understood the meaning of “sit.”

For three years, Posh and I have been attending weekly agility lessons at Shall Be Training and every lesson I learn a little more about Posh, about myself, and about teamwork.  Although we have improved greatly in technique since our first days together, I don’t attend the lessons to have a champion agility dog.  I’ve only entered one competition.  Meanwhile, the rich relationship and bond I have formed with my dog is most definitely a result of our weekly lessons.

As long as I’m a dog owner, I’ll commit to life long dog training.

When the day comes where Posh decides she has had enough of agility, we’ll move on to something else-rally, obedience, tricks like shaking paws.  She has already mastered jumping thru hoops.

So often I hear folks compare their dogs to Posh, saying, “She is soooo good!  I want a dog like that.”

Although I feel proud of my sweet and smart girl, I know it is because she gets to use her brain and has limits and weekly training that she is the “good” girl she is.

So stop feeling like “my dog could never do that…” and surprise yourself and your dog by heading to a local training facility.  I guarantee you’ll have fun and make new friends.

Posh earned her Canine Good Citizen title after passing basic obedience class in 2008.  I was sooo nervous and so proud of my girl!  Here are some photos of us taking our test and getting back the positive results.

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