Olive Wants Petland to Stop Selling Kittens

Ask any ethical breeder who health tests, is active in pet conformation and local clubs, and who breeds for the betterment of the animal if they sell to petstores and they will give you a loud and defiant answer, “hell no.”

Here are some facts taken from http://www.AnimalFolksMN.org.

Within Minnesota, the number of pet stores per the U.S. Economic Census 2002 is 157; the Dun & Bradstreet directory indicates about 300 pet stores in Minnesota. A good estimate for the number of pet stores in Minnesota would be between 157-300. However, not all pet stores in Minnesota sell dogs and cats.

Many Minnesota pet stores are reputable, do not sell dogs or cats, and offer their facilities to shelters for ‘adoption days.’

Pet stores sell more puppies during the weekend before Christmas than at any other time of year. Consumers should be aware that (per CAPS):
• Most pet shops obtain puppies and kittens from inhumane breeding facilities (puppy and kitten mills) in the Midwest and Pennsylvania
• Many puppies are ill or incubating an illness at the time of purchase. Puppies commonly die or must be euthanized.
• Pet shops usually charge high prices for puppies, thereby earning huge profits.
• Pet shops provide registration documents, but registration, such as with the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not guarantee health, quality or breed standard.
• Pet shops usually treat animals as merchandise that can easily be returned for a refund or exchange. Warranties often preclude reimbursement for veterinary bills.

Down the road from me in Eden Valley, MN there is a “farm” that makes my stomach hurt.  It’s called Amaze N Farmyard and they sell many small breed and mixed breed puppies, giving deep discounts for older animals.  I do my best to educate area folks about the deplorable breeding facilities where these puppies are most likely raised…

I get a lot of strange looks.

Well, it’d be Amaze N to me if this place went out of business.

I’ve found a group of concerned and aware pet lovers who have held demonstrations protesting Petland and educating the public about puppy mills and unethical breeders. I hope to make it to the September 18th demonstration at the St. Paul Petland store.

If you’d like information on attending a protest, or becoming involved in urging Petland to stop selling kittens and puppies, you can connect with locals on Facebook- Minnesotans Exposing Petland.

In the meantime, I will do my best to educate area folks. It’s true, that in order to put mills out of business, (and I think we can all agree how horrible those places are) we must stop buying pets from stores…even if we think we are “saving” them.

If we keep giving our money to these companies and supporting their current policies, why would they change?


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