Release the Hounds

Mom and I went up north to the Gunflint Lodge with some friends this weekend for “Woofta Uffta Weekend.”

Here I am with my new friends-Rebecca, Jethro, and Lola.

Human Rebecca just moved back to Minnesota from sunny California with my newest buddies, a redbone coon hound named Jethro who knows how to track vermin, and a blood hound bitch named Lola who keeps worrying about how far I wander to sniff…

I know what you’re thinking…are those California folk crazy for leaving the San Diego “nice weather every day” world?

Well, Minnesota may not have the most friendly weather all the time, but we’re blessed with fantastic folks-even the non furry kind, and an abundance of breathtaking natural splendor.

It was a fabulous weekend of long walks, squirrel chasing, and relaxation.

Here’s to my new friends-Jethro, Lola & Rebecca.

What a great way to start a bitch’s summer.

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