Happy Chicks

I’ve been thinking a lot about the happiness of my hens.

I really believe that the eggs my girls lay taste better and are healthier for me and my kids because my chickens are loved.

Every day they get to patter about the yard, fluff out their wings, take bathes in the dirt, eat bugs, grass, seeds and whatever their bodies’ tell them they need.

My hens are all unique with their own personalities, and they are great entertainers.

I’ve just learned that chickens recognize each other by facial features.  I know my birds have specific flock mates they hang out with.

Here are a couple of pictures of Trifle.  I know I shouldn’t have favorites among my flock friends, but you just can’t help loving Trifle as she wonders up to you and squats down for a special pat.  Trifle is part of our dessert flock, with whom we watched Peter Seller’s The Pink Panther.  Unfortunately, her sisters would meet a brutal destiny that happens in the world of free ranging chickens.  Hence, she is the sole survivor of a mama coyote and pups’ nighttime stop at our chicken buffet.  This smart and tenacious girl hid under the henhouse whilst her sister were eaten.

Often times I’ve thought about locking up my hens all day and thus protecting them from natural predators.

I just can’t do it, they are too happy living the life a chicken should.

Meanwhile, I now have Rocky the rooster protecting his flock. Let’s just hope he doesn’t “protect” them from me.

Please support local folks who raise eggs and chickens humanely and ethically.



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