About Amy

Founded in 2010 by photographer, video editor, and self proclaimed crazy dog lady Amy, MyAnimalActivist is a small independent venture committed to using creative ways to communicate and promote responsible pet choices and the basic idea that all creatures of this planet deserve respect.

It is through our relationships with non human animals that we learn how to connect with the soul of nature.

Amy shares her home with a Havanese named Posh, 12 Happy Hens, an animal loving daughter, a crazy Animal from the muppets like son , and a darling creative husband who tolerates and supports her dog crazy-ness and countless “ideas.”

All products, ideas, and thoughts are solely the fault and property of Amy Sparks.

If you love something here or have positive feedback or suggestions I’d love to hear from you.  If you hate something or disagree with me, well, you can keep those negative opinions to yourself.
Thanks for stopping by our virtual home!
  1. Hi Amy. I hope you remember us from the Minneapolis Kennel Club shows.

    Please follow up with me with pics so I can feature you on Suddie’s Blog!


    I would also love the photos that you were shooting of Rufus. That would mean a lot to me.


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