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The Apple of My Eye

Did Someone Say Philly Dog?

Last week the lovely Rebecca from, your online source for all things cool and dog in the Philadelphia area, blogged about My Animal Activist.

For those of you who missed out on her awesome review of our products, you can check it out here.  Congrats to Barbara who is the winner of the balls sack giveaway.  🙂

I was really flabbergasted by the wonderful outpouring of immediate feedback.

Honestly, it made my heart swell.

Sometimes I think that I’m the only one who thinks this stuff is funny…

Thanks again Rebecca and all the folks out east that are spreading righteous pet power all over the planet.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Kisses and wags!

Amy & Posh

Release the Hounds

Mom and I went up north to the Gunflint Lodge with some friends this weekend for “Woofta Uffta Weekend.”

Here I am with my new friends-Rebecca, Jethro, and Lola.

Human Rebecca just moved back to Minnesota from sunny California with my newest buddies, a redbone coon hound named Jethro who knows how to track vermin, and a blood hound bitch named Lola who keeps worrying about how far I wander to sniff…

I know what you’re thinking…are those California folk crazy for leaving the San Diego “nice weather every day” world?

Well, Minnesota may not have the most friendly weather all the time, but we’re blessed with fantastic folks-even the non furry kind, and an abundance of breathtaking natural splendor.

It was a fabulous weekend of long walks, squirrel chasing, and relaxation.

Here’s to my new friends-Jethro, Lola & Rebecca.

What a great way to start a bitch’s summer.

Cuban Chicken?

I’m pretty sure no one will notice one more hen….

DOGood Event in Minneapolis Tonight!

I really wish Posh and I were able to attend this.

Deep sigh.

Instead of doing dog time, I’ll be judging a high school speech meet which I’m excited about, but sad to miss such an event nonetheless.

Wait a minute, hold the bully stick, you’re doing what?

Oh yes, I’m asked to do all sorts of interesting things based on my reputation for having a very vocal, “helpful” opinion.  Okay, some of the folks in charge, got wind of my B.A. degree in Speech Communications/Theater so I may be pretty qualified.  However, Posh will be home with Daddy and the kids, most likely pouting Mommy’s absence in her crate.

Meanwhile, if you’re able to swing it, and I highly recommend attending as you will be donating one hundred percent of your ticket price to sheltering homeless people and animals.

Also, I might add that with DJ Jake Ruhd spinning tunes, veg food from Killer Chowgirls, and prints from Adam Turman-he did the above poster and I’m a big fan, there is no way this event will suck it.

P.S. if you’d like to skip my ranting and get to the details you can scroll down and find all the pertinent information.  I might now admit the organizers had me at “local beer” and “twenty dollar one-of-a-kind artwork.”


This event is co-created by a realty, property rental and design/building firm called Metamorphosis, who are, I’m sure kick ass people and Killer Chowgirls catering who I know rock-I’m a wedding videographer sometimes too so I’ve taste-tested their food fare.

I bet you’re now thinking, ‘damn, she get’s around.’

I know, I know…

My assumption that Metamorphosis are awesome is based on the fact that they’re hanging out with really great MN creatives and are organizing something cool that they’re not directly benefitting from.

Dog lovers too?

What more could a girl ask for?

Posh is crossing her paws, and I’m a whirling chanting dirvish praying this is an annual event, because you know next year my big righteous butt will be there come hydrant or hell water!

Darling dogs and bitches get thyself to Shelter Me 2011.

“Because Everyone Deserves A Home”
A charity event to benefit both The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and Animal Humane Society.

We are so excited to present this event! In collaboration with our partners, Chowgirls and Metro Magazine, this benefit will raise much needed funds for our selected charities. And all we need now is you!
We’ve got amazing vegetarian fare from Chowgirls Killer Catering, the smooth tunes of DJ Jake Rudh, top notch beer from Harriet Brewing, custom posters from Adam Turman, pet sketches courtesy of Lintu Art, and the much appreciated support of Metro Magazine.
The first 25 guests through the door will receive a generous gift bag stuffed with goodies, including an event poster from Adam Turman and a Chinook Book!
Those of you who are pet owners, bring a picture of your baby, and have Sarah from Lintu Art create a high-quality pencil sketch on the spot! (Additional cost: $20)
100% of every dollar earned will go to charity. Please come, support our causes, and have an awesome time!
Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Music starts at 5:30 p.m.
Tix also available at the door. $15, cash only.


Teaching an Old(er) Dog New Tricks

Spending just a few minutes throughout the day to ask your dog to do something will seal the bond with your pet and may take your relationship to a new level.

Posh is almost four and “Poe” (short for the pokey little puppy) will be two on Saturday, and we are still teaching them new tricks. Poe is very food motivated, so she will probably get some of the tricks more quickly than Posh who is not only a righteous, but is very pedantic about her food.

Currently, Poe is learning the command “spin” where she whirls like a dervish, this is a very easy command to teach as the dog just follows your hand in a spiral as you hold a treat.  Eventually they will spin faster, and on their own without being “led.”

I’m working on “weave” with Posh.  I would eventually like her to be able to do a figure eight between my legs as I take steps.

Here are the girls nicely waiting for a treat from my mom.

Ask your dog to do something before you give him/her his dinner or a treat.  Whether it’s basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay or more challenging tricks like shake, you’ll be surprised how smart your pet really is and how much fun you can have teaching them new things.

You CAN and should teach an old dog new tricks.

Snow Day

There are two righteous bitches in the house, holla!

Here is a short video of the girls getting some well needed play time.  Get out, get some exercise, and enjoy your pets.