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The Apple of My Eye

Snow Day

There are two righteous bitches in the house, holla!

Here is a short video of the girls getting some well needed play time.  Get out, get some exercise, and enjoy your pets.

Mother Daughter Knits…

So here are some pictures of the sweater I knit for myself and Posh in her matching ensemble.

I’m sick.

Snow Days & Knit Sweaters

I think I’ve finally gone over the crazy dog edge and into an abyss.

I knit Posh and myself matching sweaters.  I’ll post some pictures of my sweater, but for now here is Miss Righteous in her new one of a kind knit.  It is made from hand painted Mohair fiber and will keep her extremely warm.  I knit it short because I have issues with sweaters matting her coat.  I love the colors, it’s called “crazy woman,” perhaps I should change it to “crazy dog woman?”  Purple really is every girl’s best friend.

I know, she looks thrilled.

I thought we’d better try it out in the elements to see how well it performed.

Posh looks much more pleased in the snow….

I am considering adding hand knit pet sweaters to MyAnimalActivist’s Righteous Bitch Goods, so keep visiting the online store for details.

It’s Playing Cats & Dogs!

My girls Posh (The Righteous Bitch) and Olive love each other.  It’s a hoot to watch them running around playing a game of “chase. jump. bat.”  Here they are in action.

Meanwhile, both girls are such drama queens!  Consequently, their brother Trouble, thinks he needs to tell them to “settle down.”