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Did Someone Say Philly Dog?

Last week the lovely Rebecca from, your online source for all things cool and dog in the Philadelphia area, blogged about My Animal Activist.

For those of you who missed out on her awesome review of our products, you can check it out here.  Congrats to Barbara who is the winner of the balls sack giveaway.  🙂

I was really flabbergasted by the wonderful outpouring of immediate feedback.

Honestly, it made my heart swell.

Sometimes I think that I’m the only one who thinks this stuff is funny…

Thanks again Rebecca and all the folks out east that are spreading righteous pet power all over the planet.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Kisses and wags!

Amy & Posh

Special Deal Thru November 30th!

Maggie was recently rescued by the amazing Ali Jarvis of Sidewalk Dog.  Posh and I thought Maggie needed a new shirt celebrating her new home with Ali.

Order any Righteous Bitch Goods from our online store, mention the code at checkout, and receive ten percent off your order and $1 for each order will go to Maggie’s rescue organization SW Metro Animal Rescue in Chaska, MN.

Be righteous!  Rock on!

Snow Days & Knit Sweaters

I think I’ve finally gone over the crazy dog edge and into an abyss.

I knit Posh and myself matching sweaters.  I’ll post some pictures of my sweater, but for now here is Miss Righteous in her new one of a kind knit.  It is made from hand painted Mohair fiber and will keep her extremely warm.  I knit it short because I have issues with sweaters matting her coat.  I love the colors, it’s called “crazy woman,” perhaps I should change it to “crazy dog woman?”  Purple really is every girl’s best friend.

I know, she looks thrilled.

I thought we’d better try it out in the elements to see how well it performed.

Posh looks much more pleased in the snow….

I am considering adding hand knit pet sweaters to MyAnimalActivist’s Righteous Bitch Goods, so keep visiting the online store for details.

Giselle. A Darling Righteous Bitch.

Giselle is a four month silver standard poodle (I can’t wait to see her coat color change) who is a character!

She was a bit camera-shy once I pulled out the big lens, but I came armed with cuddles and treats, so she eventually warmed up and let her personality shine.

Giselle is a purebred from a responsible and ethical breeder-which means the breeder does ethical things like health test their dogs before they are bred, and she/he has the best interest of the breed at heart. Meanwhile, her humans were able to meet the canine parents and ask the breeder questions before choosing Giselle. Giselle’s adoptive parents, Lisa and Dave, also had to sign a contract stating they would have her spayed before her first birthday; sterilization is something most reputable pet breeders advocate.

Because of positive choices made by the breeder, and her adoptive parents, this girl has a stable, but silly temperment.  Her coat is full and lovely, like a big teddy bear.  In fact, I just couldn’t help myself from touching her.

Here is Giselle helping MyAnimalActivist advocate for pets by protesting against pet stores that sell kittens and puppies from pet mills.

Sid Vicious Rocks MyAnimalActivist Message!

Sunday I went and hung out with a couple of canines.  One was a standard poodle puppy named Giselle, and the other was a rat terrier named after Sex Pistol’s band member Sid Vicious.

I’ve still got to play around with pretty Giselle’s pictures, but here are a few of Mr. Sid.  He was a great dog to photograph!

What Lola Wants, Lola Gets…

Here’s another satisfied “ballsy” customer. 🙂