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Teaching an Old(er) Dog New Tricks

Spending just a few minutes throughout the day to ask your dog to do something will seal the bond with your pet and may take your relationship to a new level.

Posh is almost four and “Poe” (short for the pokey little puppy) will be two on Saturday, and we are still teaching them new tricks. Poe is very food motivated, so she will probably get some of the tricks more quickly than Posh who is not only a righteous, but is very pedantic about her food.

Currently, Poe is learning the command “spin” where she whirls like a dervish, this is a very easy command to teach as the dog just follows your hand in a spiral as you hold a treat.  Eventually they will spin faster, and on their own without being “led.”

I’m working on “weave” with Posh.  I would eventually like her to be able to do a figure eight between my legs as I take steps.

Here are the girls nicely waiting for a treat from my mom.

Ask your dog to do something before you give him/her his dinner or a treat.  Whether it’s basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay or more challenging tricks like shake, you’ll be surprised how smart your pet really is and how much fun you can have teaching them new things.

You CAN and should teach an old dog new tricks.


New Ad Campaign…

I think these would make great billboards, don’t you?

It Takes Balls…

It takes balls to be a responsible pet owner.

It takes balls to neuter your pet.

Luca has the courage to be an Animal Activist.  Does your pet?

Power to the Pets!