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Giselle. A Darling Righteous Bitch.

Giselle is a four month silver standard poodle (I can’t wait to see her coat color change) who is a character!

She was a bit camera-shy once I pulled out the big lens, but I came armed with cuddles and treats, so she eventually warmed up and let her personality shine.

Giselle is a purebred from a responsible and ethical breeder-which means the breeder does ethical things like health test their dogs before they are bred, and she/he has the best interest of the breed at heart. Meanwhile, her humans were able to meet the canine parents and ask the breeder questions before choosing Giselle. Giselle’s adoptive parents, Lisa and Dave, also had to sign a contract stating they would have her spayed before her first birthday; sterilization is something most reputable pet breeders advocate.

Because of positive choices made by the breeder, and her adoptive parents, this girl has a stable, but silly temperment.  Her coat is full and lovely, like a big teddy bear.  In fact, I just couldn’t help myself from touching her.

Here is Giselle helping MyAnimalActivist advocate for pets by protesting against pet stores that sell kittens and puppies from pet mills.


Country Dog in the City

Posh and I headed to Chicago this weekend to visit some good friends and family.

I’m always amazed how well my little “country dog” does in the “big city.”  Meanwhile,  I was cursing myself because I left my camera at home.  Fortunately, the almighty iPhone came to the rescue and was able to take a few crappy shots.

Posh and I met tons of Chicago party animals during our stay, including a lovely neighborhood cat named Inca and a beautiful brindle rescued greyhound.  I was partial to the greyhound because Posh’s coloring is also classified as “brindle.”  He was as sweet as sugar.

I found this great little pet boutique called Zulu off Lincoln Avenue.  It was absolutely adorable and a convenient walk from my darling cousin Danielle’s apartment.  Danielle and her husband Dan are owned by two lovely rescue boys Dodger and Oswald.  Thanks to some encouraging words from Dan and Danielle I visited the shop and left some of my sample cards.  Hopefully, I will hear from them soon.

It was a great weekend visiting folks and animals in The Windy City.  I adore Chicago, but there really is no place like home.